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Do you need to have the windows tinted in your home, commercial business building, boat, car, or anything else that has windows? If so, you can try and apply the tinting yourself, but the truth is that things will almost always be easier for you if you hire professionals who are incredibly experienced in what they do.

Tinting your windows has many benefits: it gives you more privacy in your home, building, or vehicle without obstructing your vision outside, and it also shields the interior of your home or vehicle from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, which can cause cracking, fading, or discoloration in your furniture and upholstery.

About Us

Window tinting Sarasota has always been the city of Sarasota’s most trusted and reliable brand when it comes to tinting windows. We have several years of customer satisfaction and success under our belt, and this comes as a result of our commitment to our customers in the Sarasota area. If you need to have your windows tinted, or your existing tinting removed and replaced, Window Tinting Sarasota is the place to call.

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Our Services

Our window tinting services are designed with only one person in mind, and that is you. When it comes to having the windows on your car tinted or your existing film on your windows at home removed and replaced, we are the number one company in Sarasota to turn to. We use the best automotive window tint available on the market and employ highly skilled installation technicians who have been offering excellent customer service and dedication in the auto glass industry for over 35 years!

If it's time to get your windows tinted on anything, search for window tinting near me to find us. Our professionals offer the following services.

An Audi luxury sports car freshly tinted.

Auto Window Tinting

Most auto tinting jobs that come from the manufacturers of vehicles are not the best. You’ll be much better served by having a carbon window tinting service or something similar that will do a much better job of regulating the interior temperature of your car and protecting the interior from the UV rays.

Worker removing tint from a limo and preparing the surface for re-tinting.

Window Tint Removal

Do you have existing window tint that needs to be removed and replaced after many years of hard use? You may think that you can do it yourself, but the truth is that removing the window tint can leave behind adhesive and residue. We use special chemicals and techniques to have the tint removed (and replaced) very evenly and nicely.

Safety and security film on a public figures limo to protect from theft and vandalism.

Safety and Security Film

Safety and security film will add an extra layer of protection to your home or commercial building’s windows, so it will be significantly easier to protect against burglars and other unwanted intruders. Safety and security film will help make your windows shatter resistant, so that when a rock or other hard object is battered against the window, it will take a lot more force for it to be broken down. The hope will be that a burglar will move on from your home when they see how difficult it is to get inside.

“I needed the existing film on my Honda Accord to be replaced, and I immediately gave Window Tinting Sarasota call once I was ready to have the work completed. They were excellent to work with and I will be using them again in the future when the need arises,” – John W.

Commercial buildings in downtown Sarasota with many tinted windows.

“We were recently renovating our new home, and as part of the renovations we needed to have the windows tinted. On the advice of a friend, we gave Window Tinting Sarasota a phone call and they had all the windows done in only two days. Will use again!” – Hank S.

Skilled worked tinting and luxury car window.

“If you need to have your windows tinted at your home, I can assure you that Window Tinting Sarasota is absolutely the place you need to go,” – Catherine G.

Employee in the final stages of the window tinting process.

Residential Window Tinting

Having the windows tinted in your home will have many benefits. First and foremost, it will offer you a lot more privacy, so you will have peace in mind knowing that your neighbors are not always peeking in. Secondly, it will also help to protect the interior of your home from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This is important because UV rays can discolor and fade your furniture, so you may have to replace your furniture far sooner than you had wanted to.

Residential home in Sarasota with large windows that were tinted for privacy.

Commercial Window Tinting

The same kind of window tinting services that we offer to residential homes we can do to commercial buildings as well. While the sun can certainly create a warm and welcoming environment, too much sun can be to the detriment of your office interior for the same ways it can be for the inside of a home too. Furthermore, an extraordinarily hot room can lower employee productivity. Window tinting can help you to regulate the temperature better.

Skyline of Sarasota Fl showing all of the downtown commercial buildings.

Marine Window Tinting

We also offer window tinting services for boats and other marine watercraft. Again, window tinting can help to protect the furniture and upholstery in the interior of your boats from the sun, and it can also help to protect your privacy. If you want to go under your boat to cool off after a long day in the sun, window tinting will help to keep extra heat from the sun out.

75 foot yacht docked with tinted film windows.

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